Unique Pins

Unique pins from James R. Eads adorn lapels, blouses, backpacks, and more. Our 1.5" matte gold hard enamel pins come on sturdy 600gsm backing cards and have two plastic pin backers for extra durability.

Choose from pins that echo the Green Glyphs collection, such as the gilded lily—a gold hard-enamel pin of the lily from Green Glyphs Lenormand that measures 3" long with two backing pins and is presented on a custom-designed card.

Other offerings evoke the Prisma tarot card collection and feature The Emperor or Strength cards. Or choose the Ace of Spaces from the Open Portal playing card collection, which has a gold butterfly pin on the back. It comes attached to a custom backing card and is packaged in a protective sleeve.

These unique pins from James R. Eads are stunning conversation pieces as well as attractive jewelry.