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About the studio

We make almost all our James Eads art prints and products from start to finish in our studio in Los Angeles. This allows us the highest quality control in the production, packaging and shipment of prints.

We also make tarot cards, pins, stickers, and apparel featuring James R. Eads’ original imagery.


When we're screenprinting, we mix all of our colors by eye, testing each swatch against digital samples and adjusting accordingly. We use water-based TW inks that are archival, acid free and full of the best and brightest pigments. All prints are hand pulled printed on high quality 290gsm archival papers. When you buy James Eads original art online, you can be assured you’ll get the highest quality prints in long-lasting, vivid colors.


Because we make everything from start to finish in our studio, we can add special elements to prints like gold leaf, metallic inks, glow-in-the-dark inks, and handmade marbled paper. 


None of this would be possible without a great team that is passionate about art. Between the five of us, we make the art, prepare it for printing, screenprint, deckle and cut prints, package orders, and ship out each order we get through the shop.


James R. Eads makes art in a range of mediums like gouache, pastel, digital tablets and even virtual reality. These mediums are then translated to screenprinting and fine art printing.