The Alkahest Set

The Alkahest Set

Out of Print, prints will not be available again. 
The Alkahest Set includes the three giclee prints on 10" x 10" archival paper. Prints are hand signed and numbered in limited edition and embossed in the corner of the 1.5" white border. Prints will have matching numbers.
a vessel for the philosopher
who studies the universe outside of themselves 
and understands that from reflection comes the unknown.
a vessel for the healer
who soothes the universe around themselves
and understands that from kindness comes change.
a vessel for the alchemist 
who sees the universe within themselves
and understands that from light comes life. 
Shipping is $6.95 in the U.S, $11.95 in Canada and Mexico and $14.95 everywhere else. If multiple prints are ordered, shipping may increase.