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Sangaruda (Limited Giclee Edition of 200)

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"Sangaruda, The Violet City" is a 16" x 20" giclee print on Moab Entrada Natural Rag. Prints are hand signed and numbered in a limited edition of 200.

Print details and specifics: 
  • Paper Size: 16" x 20" with cut edges
  • Image Size: 14" x 18"
  • Giclee print on Moab Entrada Natural Rag 290 GSM 
  • Signed in bottom right corner by James R. Eads
  • Numbered in an edition of 200
  • Included poem is 8" x 10" 
  • Release: October 2nd, 2018.



When I saw you in a dream it reminded me of a place I once knew from another life. Back then it was known by travelers as ‘Sangaruda’, named after the great bird king. This place existed so far out in the middle of the sea it was almost impossible to find. Most would say it was dropped from the claws of the great bird king and placed just out of reach of the outside world. Those who lived there called this place ‘The Violet City’ for they knew of its real magic. The people here had found a way around the nature of time. The position of the sun stayed steady and hung at the horizon, which made it look like the sun was always setting and cloaked the entire island in a purple hue.  This was a city so in sync it played itself like a harp. Each part so carefully considered and nothing forgotten. The people here gathered wisdom from the ageless ocean and when they learned how to manipulate the water, they gave a gift back to the sea. They discovered the art of alchemy and found a way to create an energy source made of pure light and water. The source was placed at the top of the city and flowed through a series of waterfalls down the island, dispersing across the ocean. The stars were so bright here it looked like they would rip the sky open. They built observatories to study the cosmos and libraries to house the knowledge they accumulated.  They cured the unheard of and took nothing they could not return to the land. They taught their children the importance of kindness to each other and to the earth. But the source also had a secondary effect on the city. The tricks it played on the light managed to untether the inhabitants of The Violet City from the constants of time. The astrologists were the first to notice. They would study the stars one day and see an entirely different set of constellations the next. Eventually the source started to lose its grasp on time and the entire city started jumping from one time line to another. With each jump pieces of it began to fall behind, tearing the city apart and the people with it. Some say it happened in a matter of seconds, but really no one knows. For centuries the tale of Sangaruda was spread across the galaxies. But as with all things over time, the truth became distorted and the real story was forgotten. I don't remember who I was when I was there, but sometimes when I take a sip of water in the light, it flashes by me like it was yesterday, and then it’s gone again.