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Mystic Cat Set No. 2

Mystic Cat Set No. 2

Out of print, prints will not be available again.

Mystic Cat Set No. 2 includes three individual prints:

  • 'Mystic Cat Heads to Alakazoo' a 10" x 10" four color screenprint
  • 'Mystic Cat Takes a Nap' a 6" x 6" four color screenprint
  • 'Bottled Mystic Cat' a 4" x 6" four color screenprint.


Please note: The colorways shown are not necessarily what you will receive. Prints are selected randomly, there are a total of seventeen different types of paper including eight types of foil paper not shown. Each color is hand signed and numbered in editions of 10 or less, some colorways are more rare and belong to smaller editions. If you are collecting a specific color it is recommended you head to the Mystic Cat Trading Post

Any future Mystic Cat releases will happen at The Mystic Cache


Shipping is $6.95 in the U.S, $11.95 in Canada and Mexico and $14.95 everywhere else