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Test Print No. 12
Test Print No. 12
Test Print No. 12
Test Print No. 12

Test Print No. 12


Thank you Equilibrium  

Test prints are created during the screenprinting process. We use leftover sheets from previous editions and add to them when we are beginning new layers on new editions to test the screen and make sure it is ready for printing. Test prints are all one of a kind, they are signed and labeled "Test Print" or "TP"

Test prints will normally drop on Tuesdays at 3PM pacific time, not every Tuesday, but some Tuesdays. Most test prints won't be announced so check back in the shop Tuesday mornings to see if there are any test prints added to the queue. 

Layers included in this test print:

Side 1:

  • "Equilibrium in Spring"
  • "God of Stars"
  • "Unthought Known"
  • "Thank you" cards
  • Blue Flat 

Side 2: 

  • "Thank you" cards
  • Violet Flat 


    Full paper size is 20" x 28 on Holographic Rainbow Foil Paper  


    Shipping is $18.95 within the US, $25.95 in Canada and $35.95 everywhere else.