Geomantic Visions

Design & Decks


Geomantic Visions is a set of 20 gold-plated zinc alloy coins in an 8" x 8" keepsake box with a manual on Geomancy.

The first edition of Geomantic Visions was created as a part of the Cosma Visions Kickstarter campaign.

Geomancy is something I have been familiar with since 2018. This is the first-ever set of geomantic coins that have been created.

Geomancy is a simplified form of divination and can be done using only a pen and paper. I wanted to create something that gave those unfamiliar with the craft something visual to latch on to while learning about Geomancy. 



Geomantic Visions was originally funded on Kickstarter in September 2020 by over 6000 people. The original Cosma Visions campaign grew into an entire universe of magical wares, most of which are now available here. ​