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Past Presents (Gift Box)

Past Presents (Gift Box)

Only 100 boxes made for this release.
Playing Secret Santa this year? You'll win the crowd with this one.
Past Presents is time capsule grab bag of goodies from the past five years. This box is a great thing to get for someone who is unfamiliar with my work or who has never bought anything before. This set makes a great introduction to the world of James R. Eads.
The box contains some things that are no longer available in the shop and some things that still are.  Over a $150 value in each box, available for only $65
Hint: Each box contains something shiny, something shuffle-y, somethings mini and somethings sticky, something lengthy and somethings you'll just have to wait and see. 
Warning: If you have been collecting my work for some time this box may not be for you. It does not contain anything new and you may already have most of these things! 
Because Past Presents are pre-packaged they will be shipped separately. 

Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for shipping. We will be shipping holiday orders as soon as the items are ready.  Our last shipping day is December 19th. 


Item Details:

  • Contains over $150 worth of merch from over the years
  • Only 100 boxes made 
  • Ships in a pre-packaged and custom screenprinted box with some items individually wrapped in our custom wrapping paper.