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Best Buds Tote
Best Buds Tote
Best Buds Tote
Best Buds Tote
Best Buds Tote
Best Buds Tote
Best Buds Tote

Best Buds Tote

Best Buds is a 15" black canvas tote bag screenprinted on both sides and hand speckled with stars. Each tote is unique, no two totes have the same constellations. Comes with an accompanying 6" x 9" full color poem of "Best Buds" the story of how the Moon and I used to be best friends. 

Product Details: 

  • Heavy Canvas Shopper with full sides and a bottom gusset. 
  • Dimensions: 14"W x 15"H x 4"D 
  • Screenprinted on both sides
  • Hand speckled stars unique to each tote.
  • 22" Canvas Handles
  • Release: February 27th, 2019.

Shipping is $5.95 within the US, $11.95 in Canada and $15.95 everywhere else unless ordered with other items. 


The moon and I used to be best buds.
Each night I would put the moon in the sky
and when dawn would come I would yank moon
back down not wanting to say goodbye.
Then one night I told the moon about how I had met a new friend.
It was the sun, and it was bright and energetic
and we went on great adventures.
The sun was nothing like the moon
the things we did together were so different
but with the moon I felt at peace.
And then one night, without any hesitation,
the moon dumped me out from the crescent
and I began to fall through the stars.
I wish I had told the moon that
"While sun was bright and new I would never give up our nights together because you are the moon and to me that is everything."
But I didn’t say those things because I was falling
and the moon was too far away.
I thought about moon the whole way down
and how wonderful our nights together have been
and how much I’ll miss them
and how hard it will be for moon to put itself in the sky
and how I may never see the moon again. 
And then, sun.