8.7.18 Love in a Memory and Love in Seven Seconds

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Love in a Memory and Love in Seven Seconds 

After several years I am releasing two new art prints that are a part of the series I began in 2015 "us, over time, passing by". This series is about the journey of relationships as they change and we find ourselves different than when we began. 

We all go through changes in relationships, sometimes they are obvious and other times we barely see them happening. It's taken me a while to understand where this series is going next. 

With these two pieces I'm attempting to explore the more abstract aspects of time. Time is something we are constantly experiencing but it can be impossible to portray as it is elapsing. 

In "Love in a Memory" we see a single frame of a relationship, all of the best memories all coming together to form in our mind what we remember the relationship being like. This is how most of us understand and remember relationships.  A smile blurs into a feeling which settles as a memory. 

In "Love in Seven Seconds" the same relationship is depicted over the course of time elapsing. We see day and night morphing and shifting, becoming one another and then drifting apart. Like a tessellation, the different parts of the relationship begin to inform and influence other parts. They fit into each other and fill in the gaps as it starts expanding into something else.

Both prints are 18" x 18" high quality giclee prints on Moab Entrada Natural Rag. Prints are hand signed and numbered in a limited edition of 250 and printed in our studio in Los Angeles. They will be available individually for $75 or as a matching numbered set for $125. 

Dropping in the shop this Wednesday, August 8th at 3PM Pacific time at www.jamesreadsmerch.com
For more detailed photos of the prints please visit the shop. 

This will be the last shop release of the summer, we'll be closing the studio for a few weeks at the end of August for a much needed break.

As always, thank you for your love and support. 


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  • Hello,
    Are these prints still available? How could I go about ordering them? Can they be shipped?
    Thank you

    Marie Lancaster on

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