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November 05, 2020 2 min read


11/9/20 11AM PST - 11/12/20 3PM

Well, amidst a fate-deciding week we've planned to do a big archive release where a slew of prints will once again be available in the shop, and what's better than a little pre-holiday retail therapy to calm our nerves and distract us from the news?

We’ve been doing some serious fall cleaning and getting ready to potentially move to a new studio space in 2021 so we thought this would be a great time to populate the shop with prints again (nerve wracking election aside). From super rare editions to prints with a high quantity that were removed to simplify the shop in March, you will have many to choose from. This is why we have decided to release the prints in groups throughout the week.
Archive week is going to be a full week event beginning on November 9th

There will likely be multiple days that you will be going for a print, and we've thought this through. Therefore, we're offering FREE SHIPPING all week on prints!* (domestic shipping only, I'm afraid), but if you live outside of the U.S. and you place multiple orders throughout the week please send an email to hello@jamesreads.com and we can refund your extra shipping costs. Free shipping will be automatically applied at checkout :)

We will begin shipping orders on Friday 11/13/20 and will group any orders you have made throughout the week the best we can.

On the left side (as well as in the top navigation menu) is the archive week schedule starting on Monday November 11th at 11AM PST and ending Thursday November 12th at 3PM PST.
Free Shipping is for US orders only and is only applicable to orders made between Monday 11/9/20 11AM - Friday 11/12/20 5PM
We will not take reservations, pre-sales orders or special requests.
Please view our shipping info here.
A few helpful tips...

You'll notice that archive week is a new menu item in the top navigation and you will also be able to sort by times on the side bar navigation. It's highly recommended to browse the Archive Week schedule ahead of time over the weekend on your computer. Jot down what prints you're going for and the times they will be releasing.  If you prefer to wait until the chaos of archive week has settled I'd recommend checking the shop on Friday the 13th for what's remaining. Prints will be sorted by size and it will be a little less overwhelming. 

There will be over 100 different editions appearing in the shop, most of these editions will only have one or two prints available and they will disappear quickly. Prints are priced based off of the current market values. It will be a race to snag some of these sought after prints but there will be also some editions where we have quite a few prints available.

Good luck, I hope you get everything you've been searching for. 


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